Landmark History of the "Concept Car" 


This timeless automotive milestone had its tender beginnings inside the mind of a tried-and-true American auto-innovator. The following 1956 press release chronicles "a world famous symbol" and allows anyone these days to boil down on the most seminal moment in Concept Car History: The Beginning. "Harley J. Earl, General Motors vice president of Styling, originated the concept of a dream or experimental car to test public reaction to design and engineering innovations." 

This rare and never before published press release documents Pioneer-Earl's game changing new business paradigm. While doing research in GM Design, at the GMTC in 2004, Richard unearthed a trove of hidden archival evidence (like this historic press release) on the auto industry's greatest era. Like to read the entire 3-pg press release, send us an email.

It's well-documented that the "concept car" operating system originated with HJE and historical records (this innovator left behind a vivid paper trail) help establish the untold story. Naturally, Harley intended for his personal milestone to be used, later on in history, to educate and inspire new generations of car designers, engineers as well as members of the general audience.

Notice a 1956 L.A. Times newspaper article, below, detailing provocative staying power of the YJOB. Remember, it’s 18-years after the car was first introduced, but America’s love affair continued!